How to cast Hulk and Diego Costa together at Atltico? Cuca don’t care

How to cast Hulk and Diego Costa together in Atltico’s attack? Coach Cuca was questioned about the topic, but guaranteed not to worry.

According to the alvinegro commander, there are several answers to the question. Cuca did not go into details, but warned that, due to the large amount of games remaining in the season, they will play together or separately.

“That’s why (number of games) I don’t worry today with knowing how to play Diego Costa and Hulk. They’ll play one day together, one day with one in the front, one day with one in the middle… And so we’ll have both together with the other 20 or so that we have until the end with less physical wear and a lower injury rate due to this care too,” he said.

Hulk and Diego Costa played together for over 30 minutes this Sunday. The duo played part of the second half of the 1-1 draw with Red Bull Bragantino, at Nabi Abi Chedid, for the 18th round of the Brazilian Championship.

Hulk started the game as a center forward, but with the entry of Diego Costa (who moved to the sector), he was moved to the right side – a role he has already played at various times in his career. Centralized, shirt 19 (who left the bench) scored the equalizer.

When answering questions about the pair, Cuca preferred to value the group of players. “Savarino played well, Vargas played well, Keno came in well, he came in better than at other times, Nathan came in well, Guga came in well, Sasha came in very well. So today, we can’t think about how I’m going to play these two (Hulk and Diego Costa),” he said.

Cuca wants to give rhythm and better preparation to attacking athletes in the coming days. After all, Atltico will only play again on September 12 (Sunday), at 4 pm, against Fortaleza, in Castelo, for the 20th round of the Brazilian Championship.

Until then, the idea is to rest the most tired and prepare physically those who are not in the best shape. “We have all these players with potential to be explored. I will think of all of them in the best way and use the 15 days to condition who has to condition, as in the cases of Keno and Diego Costa and others”, he added.