In Band, Faustão wants to do 1 different attraction per day – 08/29/2021

One of the requirements that Faustão made to present a daily program on the Band from 2022 onwards is that the attraction not be “in plaster”. No formulas, no repeated tables and, much less, no agenda.

In other words: every day of the week Fausto Silva will want totally different attractions: if on Monday there is a competition or competition, on Tuesday there isn’t; if on Wednesday he takes a celebrity to interview, on Thursday no celebrity.

Another thing is in relation to the music: the initial idea is to transform the new program into a great “launcher” of new hits and bands, instead of being tied to the agenda and the interests of the record companies.

Of course, celebrities will continue to participate, mainly because Som Livre already has as much power as it once did, when it could boycott programs from the competition and prevent its stars from attending. That’s over.

The less Globe, the better

Another issue is that the production teams at Band are oriented to avoid hiring people who are employed, especially at Globo. Fausto, a diplomat, doesn’t want to create any nitpicking with the station where he worked for decades.

But, it is evident that some of his employees in “Domingão” who ended up being fired with him ended up going to the Band as well.

Ricardo Feltrin at the Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Ooops website