‘In the times of the Emperor’: Luísa makes Caxias furious after a radical attitude

Mariana Ximenes is Luísa (Photo: TV Globo)Mariana Ximenes is Luísa (Photo: TV Globo)

In the next chapters of “In the times of the Emperor”, Luísa (Mariana Ximenes) will leave the Marquês de Caxias (Jackson Antunes) furious after making a radical decision. It will all start when she finds out that Abena (Mary Sheila) and Balthazar (Alan Rocha) have disappeared.

From there, she will decide to look for Caxias. The intention is to request arrangements for the two to be found. He, however, will not pay much attention, which will irritate her deeply. In a following scene, the Marquis will be in the Chamber of Deputies commanding the session and Luísa will sit down to watch.

She will then see lawmakers discussing less important issues, such as the possibility of turning off public lighting on nights with a full moon. At a certain point, Luísa will get angry and tell everyone to listen:

– Excuse me, Marquis, if you allow me an aside, I would like to address the noble deputies suggesting that they deal with much more important matters! Questions that call for urgent action! I appeal to deputies to be sensitive, to think about the lives of Brazilian citizens, who should have the protection of the State. Your Excellencies are the legitimate representatives of the Brazilian people. And right now a man and a woman are missing. The police refuse to take action because it is a black man, a black woman! Two free people, parents of one boy! Someone needs to give an answer! Where are they? What became of the two? Who did? Who ordered it done? People don’t disappear like that! If they were killed, who did? If they’re alive, where are they? Who took them? – she will speak, leaving everyone surprised.

She will add that if it had been with any of them, all arrangements would have already been taken. And then there will be an indignant reaction:

– If Your Excellencies are not capable of fighting for better living conditions for Brazilians, then I ask you to renounce your mandates!

From there, a big mess will start in the chamber and the Marquis will be furious.


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