Influencer accuses tennis player Thiago Wild of treason: “He preferred to be a kid”

And the witch is still out there, dear reader. This Saturday night (8/28), biomedical and digital influencer Thayane Lima revealed, in her Instagram account, the end of her relationship with tennis player Thiago Wild and that the reason was betrayal. In a series of Stories, she even shared screenshots of his conversations with friends, even calling her a “corna”.

According to Thayane, the 21-year-old athlete returned home in early August after spending 50 days traveling for work. Upon arriving in Brazil, Thiago, with whom he had a stable relationship and lived together, said he would need to spend a night in São Paulo for exams, which she says was strange, as he always used to ask her to meet him wherever he was. in the country.

The tennis player returned home the next day, in Rio de Janeiro, and the biomedic found his behavior strange. “He spent 50 days away and came back completely different. He was completely cold, and the woman has feeling. I knew something was wrong. I tried to ask if there was anything and he said no,” he said.

“I never moved his things, he had a cell phone and computer password and I never looked. But this time his computer was open and I went to see because I knew there was something. And in the end it wasn’t a betrayal, there were five”, revealed Thayane.

According to her, Thiago and a friend hired four luxury escorts during that night he spent in São Paulo, and went to a club. The athlete returned with a fifth girl to the hotel.

psychological pressure

Although the separation took place at least 20 days ago, Thayane, who revealed to have lost 7kg since then, said he was still suffering “psychological pressure” from the athlete and his family, who would be “colluding” with his attitudes. She even confessed to being constantly medicated with antidepressants, trying to deal with the situation, which she claims “still has worse parts”.

“It hasn’t been easy, but today I can’t talk anymore… It’s a feeling of disappointment to share your life with a person who doesn’t respect you at all… He could have just dumped me for good, but he preferred to be that kid” , he pointed out.


Thayane also thanked the messages of support he received after the report. “I only came here because it’s the only place where I seem to have a voice because even at the police station I was treated with contempt. If there’s anyone who thinks I’m doing this to promote myself, you don’t know what a shame it is to be here. And I didn’t even expose everything, there are worse things”, he guaranteed.

Thiago is among the 130 greatest tennis players in the world and was invited to represent Brazil at the Tokyo Olympics, but he cannot accept due to a hip injury.