Influencer’s boyfriend, businessman dies in accident between heavy-duty motorcycle and car in MT | Mato Grosso

The boyfriend of the influencer Carla Bora died in an accident involving a high-capacity motorcycle he was riding and a car on the Emanuel Pinheiro Highway, on the road to Chapada dos Guimarães, 65 km from Cuiabá, this Sunday (29).

Rogério Ferreira, known as Rogerinho, aged 33, was riding a motorcycle with friends. According to the Military Police, the accident occurred while the group was heading towards Campo Verde.

Rogerinho was riding a high displacement motorcycle during a ride with friends — Photo: Disclosure

A few hours before the accident, he posted a photo on a social network at a roadside convenience.

According to the Civil Police, there were two people in the car involved in the accident. They were injured and were taken to the hospital by the Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu). The motorcyclist died instantly.

Rogério Ferreira was in love with high displacement motorcycles and was riding one at the time of the accident — Photo: Instagram/Reprodução

Civil police officers and a team of Official Forensic and Technical Identification were also on the spot.

The causes of the accident will be investigated by the Traffic Crime Police (Deletran).

Rogerinho and Carla Bora have been together since the beginning of the year — Photo: Instagram/Reprodução

Rogerinho was a businessman in the capital and had a relationship with the influencer Carla Bora – known after going viral with the catchphrase “Bora take a” – since the beginning of the year.

In addition to his girlfriend, he leaves three children.

In the last message exchange with his girlfriend, Rogério stated that his bike ‘didn’t look good’.

Latest messages exchanged between Rogerinho and Carla Bora — Photo: Instagram/Reprodução

On social networks, Carla Bora published the latest conversations she had with her boyfriend this Sunday morning, saying she was afraid of the ‘worst happening’.

In an excerpt of conversation. she tells Rogério that she woke up with her ‘heart racing’ and that he was supposed to take care of himself.