Insider updates rumors involving Kevin Love


After Lauri Markkanen’s arrival at the Cavs, it was speculated that Kevin Love might land a buyout with the team and rumors soon surfaced that he might accept a veteran contract with the Lakers, to reconnect with old acquaintances LeBron James and Russell Westbrook .

But according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Love isn’t interested in missing out on the nearly $60 million he still has under his contract.

“There were no talks with Cleveland about a buyout, nor is there any interest from Kevin in making a deal,” Love’s agent Jeff Schwartz told ESPN.

If Love opted for a buyout, he would lose a lot of money on the deal. From the looks of it, the player will remain in the Cavs, but he may change his mind if he wants to win yet another ring.

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Does Love have a chance to sign with the Lakers?

Before Love can think about signing any other team, he needs to have a buyout from the Cavs. This seems to be the most likely outcome, with the Cavs saving a buck on the deal discount. The team needs a rebuild and a player like Love doesn’t come into the plan. If the buyout happens, several teams will be willing to settle a veteran deal with him.

As noted earlier, the former All-Star was raised in Oregon. Perhaps joining Damian Lillard at Blazers might please him. In Oregon, Love spent a lot of time with Klay Thompson. He might want to reunite with his old friend at Warriors. Both the Warriors and Blazers would likely offer Love a bigger role.

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However, the Lakers would offer him his best chance of winning another championship. The team doesn’t actually have a real wing of the strength to support Anthony Davis. Carmelo Anthony may play a bit in position, but that’s not his original position. Getting a guy like Love to add depth to the jug would be a good choice for the Lakers who only have the option of minimum contracts to offer.