Interpol seeks Glaidson’s wife, arrested in illegal bitcoin scam | Rio de Janeiro

Interpol is looking for 38-year-old Venezuelan Mirelis Zerpa. She is suspicion of, together with her husband Glaidson Acácio dos Santos, lead a fraud scheme to the national financial system using an application in cryptocurrencies without having authorization to do so.

The Federal Police and the Federal Public Ministry still investigate Mirelis for criminal organization and money laundering.

On Wednesday (25), Glaidson was arrested by the Federal Police in a mansion in Barra da Tijuca, in the West Zone of Rio.

On Monday (23), Mirelis fled to Miami. According to investigations, she entered the United States on a student visa. His name is on Interpol’s red broadcast as an outlaw.

Married to Glaidson, Mirelis is seen in videos dancing and smiling. On one of her birthdays, she got an imported car from her husband.

Glaidson dos Santos gave an imported car as a gift to his wife, Mirelis Zerpa, in July

Glaidson dos Santos gave an imported car as a gift to his wife, Mirelis Zerpa, in July

The PF’s investigations show that she is a partner in two of Glaidson’s companies.

According to the investigations, R$ 38.2 billion were used through the bank accounts of one of the companies and Glaidson, 44% of which in the last 12 months. In other words, something around R$16 billion in one year.

The PF appoints Mirelis as active in the organization with Glaidson:

“Key mentors and leaders of the criminal scheme under investigation,” states the PF report.

According to investigations, the couple moves billions in the official financial system as well as in the cryptoactive market.

Police discovered that Mirelis issued orders to buy and sell bitcoins with an authorized brokerage, which, for police officers and prosecutors, shows that she was actively involved in the system.

Venezuela Mirelis Zerpa, wife of Glaidson Acácio Santos — Photo: Reproduction

The couple’s companies also appear in investigations as suspected tax evasion. According to the Federal Revenue, GAS paid R$587.9 thousand in taxes despite having registered a movement of R$2 million.

The Federal Revenue understood that this indicates an irregular act:

“There is an incompatibility between the financial movement and the amount collected from taxes by GAS”, states the Revenue report.