It crashed, Maitê! Narcissa Tamborindeguy speaks to herself live and goes viral

Let’s go one more pearl of our dear Narcissa Tamborindeguy? The socialite, very famous for the protagonist of the program “Mulheres Ricas”, has once again attracted attention on social networks after becoming a meme during a live with Maitê Proença for your channel “Ai Que Loucura”.

(Photo: Instagram/@narcisat)

Everything happened live, while the two talked, until Maite it simply exited the broadcast. narcissa she doesn’t understand disappearing — even with her staff telling her that the guest has lost her signal — and tries to continue the interview.

“Oh, Catarina’s account”, he says narcissa. “Can I go to the bathroom quick? You’re listening to me, aren’t you?”. Upon receiving the response from her team, she tries to disguise: “I’m in the air waiting for the Maite come back, says Catarina”.

Still embarrassed, the socialite tries to continue the conversation – only without the presence of Maite. “Go, count. Tell us what happened (…) Oh, Catarina’s account”, he says narcissa. And there was no other, the video went viral!

See the repercussion:

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