Joaquim Lopes laments his father’s death: ‘You fought bravely’

Antônio Lopes, father of Joaquim Lopes, died today at the age of 87. Last month, he was discharged from hospital after being hospitalized for 38 days with covid-19. In an Instagram post, the actor gave a brief outburst to talk about the loss of his father, without confirming the cause of death.

“‘Don’t worry about me,’ he would say if he could speak at our last meeting. He wanted to be the fortress, the soldiers, the people who lived inside it and the king to us. He had an unshakable security,” he began.

I always tried to be the best son I could for you. Always getting your attention in some way. Always trying to get in? You were the best father, best friend to me. What pain now? I loved you every day of my life my father!

“Everyone tried to get into your heart. And there was even a little space. But the truth is that it was permanently occupied by the mother. The love of your life. The only person who really accessed you fully,” added the actor in another passage .

“In this last month, you fought bravely, with a force reserved only for the demigods. And I understood a lot by watching the mother. And what she said to you these days you were in the hospital. I think (I’m sure) you heard everything.

Her farewell: ‘It’s impossible to live without you. Without someone like you? You make my existence impossible with your absence. I’ve been married to you for 50 years but I’ve loved you for 70. What I’ll miss the most is holding your warm hand at bedtime.

“I’ll never be able to sleep again. You took care of everyone. But you didn’t take so much care of yourself. You didn’t know the impossible. It passed very quickly. Very quickly?”, was another part of the farewell of Joaquim’s mother, Laura Helena Lopes, for her husband.

“It’s over… But as I told you the day before yesterday, I’m going to live my BEST life to honor yours! The trip won’t be the same without you. Rest now Capo. Please rest, we’ll take care of the mother. This one. it was your music,” concluded the actor.

Discharge after 38 days hospitalized with covid-19

In July, Joaquim’s father was discharged after being hospitalized for 38 days because of covid-19. According to the actor, he and his mother were diagnosed with the virus. “It was a hell of a scare, he is 87 years old and my mother 82,” he said at the time.

“They had to be hospitalized, they got better and worse, good days and bad days,” said Joaquim in July. In today’s post, saying goodbye to his father, he did not confirm whether the complications of covid-19 caused his father’s death.

Famous people mourn the death of Antônio Lopes

In Joaquim’s publication, famous people mourned the death of the actor’s father. Tatá Werneck was one of the first to comment on the post. “Wow, I cried reading this farewell. Darling, a huge hug to your family right now,” wrote the “Lady Night” presenter.

“I love you, Joca. Strength for you. The connection doesn’t depend on this plan! Trust,” wrote actress Giovanna Lancellotti. “Joca, my tight hug. I have an admiration and affection for you and I always knew where you came from. My feelings”, commented Armando Babaioff.