Joaquim Lopes moves when he laments his father’s death: ‘I loved you all the days of my life’ | celebrities

Joaquim Lopes vents about his father’s death: “I loved you all the days of my life”
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Published 08/29/2021 11:55 AM

São Paulo – Presenter and actor Joaquim Lopes vented, this Sunday (29), about the death of his father, Antônio Lopes, a victim of covid-19. He posted an emotional text on his official Instagram profile and a video with moments with his father.

“My God Capo… what a beautiful memory of yours. The battery radio playing ‘Sinfonia Paulistana’ at 6:20 am every day. You were taking a shower and I was lying on the duvet you had placed in the hallway, well ‘crumpled’ to make you comfortable . I pretended to sleep when it was cold, but I was paying attention to how you put your tie. I always tried to be the best son I could for you. Always calling your attention in some way”, began Joaquim.

The good relationship with his father was reinforced in the farewell text and Joaquim promised to take care of his mother. “You were the best father, best friend to me. What a pain now… I loved you every day of my life my father! (…) This last month you fought bravely. With a strength reserved only for the demigods”, he vented .

Friends of the actor commented on the publication. “Wow, I cried reading this farewell. Darling, a huge hug for your family right now. For your little mother,” said Tatá Werneck. “My Feelings my friend!!! God bless your family… I’m praying for you”, posted Marcus Buaiz.

Marcella Fogaça supported her husband. “My love. My life. How much love your father left, how much docility, how much joy… I see it all in your eyes and in the eyes of our little ones. I’m here. Rest my father-in-law. How I love you.”