Joelma announces the return of the band Calypso live

Calypso fans can now celebrate! Joelma announced this Sunday (8/29), live, the group’s return.

“There is a lot to come (…). Next year we have the tour This is Calypso and the band This is Calypso will come back”, she said excitedly. The event entitled The Party Started lasted almost four hours and was broadcast on Joelma’s official YouTube channel.

The biggest hits of her career were not left out and the live had more than 206,000 spectators eager to see the blonde. With nearly three decades of career in music, Joelma has been loved by the public since 1999, when the band Calypso was released. In 2016, with the divorce and the end of the band, the girl from Pará started to perform solo on stage.

Earlier this year, she scored her latest release Coração Vencedor, a hit among fans with nearly 5 million views on Youtube.

Special participation

A special presence, the digital influencer Ruivinha de Marte was thrilled to meet Joelma. “You were part of my childhood, I had no idea that I would see you (…). You inspired me to enter the music career, I always listened to your songs, you are part of my life”, said the emotional tiktoker.

And the girl from Pará also did not spare praise for the influencer: “You are a blessed girl, you deserve everything you are achieving right now. May God always preserve this joy that you pass on to so many people (…). Don’t let anyone take it away from you.”