Justice intervenes in the Silvio Santos Program

Silvio Santos
Silvio Santos/ Photo: Reproduction/ SBT, Silvio Santos

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The Ministry of Justice notified the SBT forcing the broadcaster to change the rating of the Silvio Santos Program. Thirteen years ago, the attraction received the classification of “not recommended for children under ten”, but that changed after an ordinance edited by the folder.

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The Indicative Policy Coordination changed the program’s classification to “not recommended for children under twelve”. The previous warning was in effect since 2008.

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According to information from Jornal O Globo, the modification of the ordinance was made after “trends of violent acts (12 years old), verbal aggression (12 years old), stigma/prejudice (14 years old), foul language (12 years old) were found. language of sexual content (12 years), among others, aggravated by frequency and relevance”.

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Before the decision, Silvio Santos’ channel was notified and he asked the Indicative Policy Coordination to change it accordingly. In addition to the reclassification, the Ministry of Justice issued another recommendation, that the program should not be shown before 8 pm.

Silvio Santos expels Ballerina - photomontage/VIP Area
Silvio Santos expels Ballerina – photomontage/VIP Area

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