Kabul has another explosion this Sunday in an area near the airport

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Target of attack this Sunday in Kabul was a house near the airport.

Target of attack this Sunday in Kabul was a house near the airport.| Photo: Reproduction

The United States launched this Sunday (29) a new attack in Afghanistan against alleged members of the Islamic State (EI), the group responsible for the terrorist attack at the city’s airport on Thursday (26) that killed 183 people, including 13 American soldiers.

At least five people – three minors – died in Sunday’s explosion in a house near Kabul airport, where foreign troops have until Tuesday (31) to complete the evacuation of the country with the return of the Taleban fundamentalist group to power after 21 years.

It is the second US attack after the terrorist attack. On Saturday (28), drones bombed a target in Nangarhar province, in eastern Afghanistan, when two ISIS members were reportedly killed.

Sunday’s explosion took place in Khajeh Baghra, a residential area outside the airport. The target would be a car bomb ready to go into action. Kabul police official Qari Rashed said a missile hit the property north of the airport.

A doctor at Khairkhana Hospital, where the victims of Sunday’s attack were taken, confirms the death of at least five people, including three children. The attack comes 24 hours after the Pentagon’s warning of “credible threats” against the mission in Afghanistan, concentrated at the capital’s airport.

According to the warning, the threat of bombings in Afghanistan could represent “the most dangerous so far” after the attack committed Thursday, claimed by the jihadist group Islamic State.

The Islamic State of Khorasan – ISIS’s arm in Afghanistan and a rival of the Taleban – has admitted to carrying out Thursday’s terrorist attack at the airport, in which an explosive device set off by a suicide bomber killed 183 people, including 13 US soldiers. Saturday (28), the United States had already attacked with drones in Nangarhar province. Two organizers of the terrorist explosion at the airport were reportedly executed Saturday.