Karol Conká shocks with surprising comment on Globo involving the BBB

Karol Conka
Karol Conká talks about the difficult phase he still faces after BBB 2021 (Image: Reproduction / Globo)

Eliminated from BBB 2021 with 99.17% of the public vote, the highest index in the history of reality, Karol Conka still feel the reflex of rejection. During participation in the High hours this Saturday (28), the singer vented about her life after the reality show on Globe.

I have not gone out. I wasn’t much for going out anymore, then with the pandemic I didn’t go out anymore. I was a little hazy, I ended up at the BBB, did you see what happened“, she said, good-humored.

And he followed: “now that i left [do reality], I have been working a lot with my new album, with my work. But I don’t feel comfortable to go out [de casa]. First because of the pandemic, obviously, second because I still feel a little cornered by the bad attitudes I had“.

Since leaving confinement, the artist has had few contacts with the public, but what she did have were positive. “I think Brazil understood that it was a moment I spent. There are still people who see me with bad eyes, and I really understand [o lado delas]. I think for other people it has already passed, but for me, it’s an internal thing, with me, that I need to treat, work better. It’s a real panic that I ended up getting“he explained.

“These days I commented that I don’t go out, and people understood that [é porque] I’m harassed on the streets. No, I’m not. So far I haven’t suffered any type of attack [presencial], the biggest attacks were on social networks. What made me very sad was the onslaught of racism. The other attacks I understand I caused. So it’s okay.”

The rapper said that, in her few outings, to go to the doctor, for example, she was treated so well by those who found her that they even asked to take a picture with her.

“People say, ‘Oh, it’ll be fine’ or ‘I canceled you, but I’m canceling you’ (laughs). Then they apologize for the offense, I apologize too. Then we hug like that, with hand punches.”

Conká also explained that, little by little, he is managing to regain the confidence to face the world. “I think the courage to understand, to see yourself in the mistakes and repair those mistakes is in here. And people have felt it”, philosophized.

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