Lisca gets excited, puts Vasco in a “state of siege” and exposes reinforcements: “There are two or three that should arrive”

Vascão beat Ponte Preta by 2-0, this Sunday (29) in São Januário and after the match, coach Lisca granted another one of his characteristic press conferences in which there is no lack of strong statements and sharp rhetoric. Andrey and Caio Lopes, authors of the goals in the match, received eloquent praise, in addition to Colina’s spawn, Leandro Castan also received emphatic words from the coach, approving his return to the team’s central defense.

Lisca began by emphasizing his training-free week, which had an effect: “This week we were able to try out some players, talk to them. Feeling who was better prepared mentally, which was the case of Caio Lopes. Andrey is another. You saw Andrey’s interview, a lot of people thought, “Oh, that’s it… he said a lot of things”, but showed indignation. Because our club is far from what we want. Here there are men, the father of a family, there are also children. All have character”.

In the words of the coach’s impact, Vasco has a well-defined plan for its trajectory in the competition, the permanence of the G-4 throughout the entire time is an obsession: “Now it’s a state of siege, it’s a state of emergency, it’s a stretched rope or all the time. But it’s all to finish between the four. The competition is very even, very tough, but more important than the victory was a good performance. With delivery, with pressure, in a different model, even if the players are not so adapted to pressing in the attacking field. Because there was a moment that became a lot of “exchange”, analyzed the coach.

The coach’s analysis addressed the leaders of the cast, such as Castan, but Lisca did not fail to mention the attitude of the young people, who are responding to the call: “Castan’s return is very important, he is the great leader of the team, he has a huge personality, it has a relationship with the club, it has a relationship with me, with my assistant, Marcio, because they played together”. As for the youngsters, the coach was objective: “The boys will mature by force”.

The coach didn’t leave anything in his interview and asked about the evolution of the team, ended up opening the game and saying that São Januário is about to receive reinforcements: “We’re going to improve (with reinforcements), Bird is very active in this. this is something all clubs are doing. It is a time to reassess the work, to add. Obviously, I have backup, and that’s what Vasco will do. We need a little more maturity, a little more options in the defensive sector mainly, but without scorched earth and without devaluing our players. For Vasco’s moment, when more options are better for everyone, even for the players themselves. There are two or three that should arrive soon. It’s not easy to reinforce at this moment, with news of attachments and such”, revealed Lisca.

Finally, Lisca made yet another revelation by declaring that a defeat against Ponte Preta could cost him his position at the Hill Giant. But his final statement was to win even more the Vasco mass: “I arrived at a point in my career where I can choose where to work. And I chose Vasco. I’ve had two series A invites since I got here. But no one is going to get me out of here. My grandchildren will know that one day his grandfather was Vasco’s coach”.