Lisca prioritizes defense and warns that Vasco should have 2 or 3 reinforcements soon – 08/29/2021

Even with the 2-0 victory over Ponte Preta this Sunday (29), coach Lisca still wants to reinforce Vasco. At the press conference after the game of the 21st round of the Brazilian Series B, in São Januário, the captain spoke about the pieces he still needs in the squad.

“All teams are qualifying and that’s what Vasco will do. We need a little more maturity. Mainly in the defensive sector. But without scorched earth, without devaluing our players. The more options, the better for the whole club, the better for the players. There are two or three that should arrive soon. The players know that Vasco has a serious board, which seeks to regularize the club. I say this to the players. We are responsible for a better Vasco tomorrow. May he be again this giant of Brazilian football,” he said.

In the search for signings, the performance of Alexandre Bird, football executive director, was praised by Lisca. In addition, the coach made a balance of the Vasco participation so far.

“We entered the G4 against Londrina, but it quickly turned into two of our mistakes. From within the G4 we went down there. These lessons remain, we cannot relax for any moment, without making mistakes in certain areas. There are many teams with strong performances. at home and not so well away, coming close to the G4. We are making some moves off the field, the board is tireless in seeking to further qualify the squad. It is the normal process of football, we are very attentive to that. Bird is looking for solutions. All teams are doing it, it’s time to reassess their work, a natural process, even more so for a team that didn’t reach its goal in the competition. We have players coming back and we’ll get even stronger,” he added.

On the other hand, the commander preaches total focus on the Brazil of Pelotas, opponent this Friday (3), at 19:00. Currently, Gigante da Colina is in 10th place, with 31 points. Even with a series of three defeats (against Remo, Londrina and Operário), which was interrupted today, the team can touch the G4 if it triumphs in the 22nd round.

“I’m thinking game by game. I can’t prioritize. We practically need 10 wins. It’s a state of emergency, with total focus on Brazil. We will have Tuesdays and Wednesdays to define the strategy and look at Brazil in more detail. We will not be regretting, but we cannot repeat the mistakes. We had a very negative sequence and we have been working on it. You cannot make mistakes in football in some areas. the players did very well, maybe Jabá a little below your average, which is very high. Just think about Brazil that it will be a very difficult game,” he said.