Little to go! Corinthians awaits Arsenal’s ‘exit ritual’ to announce Willian

The anxiety of the Corinthians fans will have to be managed for another day, as the official arrival of Willian ended up being left for this Monday. Although the parties awaited confirmation last Sunday, the hammer strike was postponed and needs to happen until the end of the day, due to the closing of the transfer window in Brazil.

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As informed by the THROW!, Arsenal agreed to release the player through a contract termination, which was already being worked on, as both sides had already agreed that the exit was the best thing to do.

Faced with a good proposal from Timon, in which Willian was interested to be able to return to his heart club, and without attractive offers from European football, the English team gave the “OK” to the athlete’s representatives about the release, but not the time to make it official on paper so that the announcements could be made. That’s why the soap opera will only end this Monday.

Timon is also expected to make the official announcement as soon as Willian fulfills the Arsenal exit ritual, that is, when the English club communicates the cancellation on their social networks and when the player says goodbye to the Gunners. The same happened with the arrivals of Renato Augusto and Roger Guedes.

For these and other reasons, Corinthians fans should be aware of the unfolding of events during the day, as Willian is coming with a contract until December 2023 and wearing the 10 shirt he wore when he left the club in 2007, sold to Shakhtar Donetsk , from Ukraine.

The player’s presentation should take place on Wednesday, September 1st, Timão’s 111th birthday, when there will be a special live with several attractions starting at 7:10 pm. The Son of the Earth is coming back.