Lucas Lima opens the game about the departure of Palmeiras and reveals the club’s mistakes

Lucas Lima is still looking to regain space at Palmeiras.

Credit: Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images

Midfielder Lucas Lima was introduced as Fortaleza’s new reinforcement, but he revealed about Palmeiras, the team that lent him to Leão do Pici. After losing space in the team, especially after being caught at a party in the midst of the pandemic, the shirt 20 did not comment much.

However, in his presentation press conference, Lucas Lima opened the game about Palmeiras. According to him, there was a mistake on his part, but the São Paulo club acted “in a totally wrong way”. Look:

“Man, I’ve always been very professional… Some things that happened to me at Palmeiras, I didn’t expose myself at the time, and I don’t think it’s important to talk about it. But I think they took it in a totally wrong way,” said Lucas Lima, who followed.

“Of course, I know I made a mistake and I accept my mistakes, but I’ve always been a professional, a worker, I’ve always been part of a group. Without a doubt I won’t have a problem with that…”

The midfielder said that he had been training normally at Palmeiras in recent days and is ready to make his debut for Fortaleza, stressing that his non-use at the club alviverde was by choice.

“Palmeiras is a team in which training was very intense, they play very intense as well. Even though I played little there, I had been training hard, I had been dedicating myself to training. So I’m ready”, he added.

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