Luciano Huck reveals the reason that led him to give up his political career | Television

Luciano Huck gives an interview to ‘Fantástico’reproduction

Published 08/30/2021 09:33

São Paulo – After presenting the latest “Caldeirão”, Luciano Huck, 49, gave an interview to “Fantástico” this Sunday. During the chat with Renata Ceribelli, the presenter commented on his career on television, his intentions to migrate to politics and the new professional challenge of running the biggest Sunday program on the network.

Before assuming Faustão’s post at Globo, rumors pointed out that Huck might not renew his contract with the broadcaster to run in elections against Lula (PT) and Bolsonaro (no party). About this he lectured. “You’re not going to read a line of mine, anywhere, that I said I’d be a candidate for anything, ever. I’m in public debate and I’m going to continue in public debate. If you ask me my opinion on any subject, I’ll come to you I’ve never launched a candidacy,” he began.

“Obviously I thought about it. What made me think was a situation in which a country that has enormous potential like Brazil, and enormous inequality like Brazil… I would love for it to be the country of the future, as we have always been told, and that hasn’t happened until today. Being here, with Domingão debuting next week, is what I had to do. It’s organic. It’s what I know how to do, it’s my contribution,” added the communicator.

In the same interview, he also talked about the characters Tiazinha and Feiticeira. “There were things that were acceptable 20 years ago and that aren’t anymore. It wouldn’t fit today, no way. It fit in that context. We were very young, there was a certain naivete in that too,” he commented. Finally, the presenter also spoke about the expectation of taking on a new program. “The ‘Domingão’ that I believe is a solar ‘Domingão’, a fun ‘Domingão’, a humorous ‘Domingão’ that celebrates the good things in life. But at the same time it wants to rescue hope, it wants to bring together I’m very sure, very happy with the decision I made”, concluded Luciano Huck.