Luciano Huck talks about the creation of Tiazinha and Feiticeira

Luciano Huck spoke with “Fantástico”, from TV Globo, in an interview that aired today, and recalled the beginning of his career. The presenter, who is preparing for the premiere of “Domingão com Huck”, said that some characters created for his old show, such as Tiazinha (Suzana Alves) and Feiticeira (Joana Prado), would no longer fit.

However, he defends the existence of the characters:

There were things that were acceptable 20 years ago that aren’t anymore.

Tiazinha was a character played by Suzana Alves - Reproduction/Fantastic - Reproduction/Fantastic

Tiazinha was a character played by Suzana Alves

Image: Reproduction/Fantastic

Renata Ceribelli, in the role of interviewer, quotes the characters pointing as something from the “sexist imaginary” and Huck says:

It wouldn’t fit these days, no way. It fit in that context. We were very young, there was a certain naivete in that too.”

The presenter adds: “The way my generation was raised, there are pillars that no longer hold, thank God.”

Also in the “Fantástico” interview, Luciano talks about his reaction to discovering the sexuality of his brother, Fernando Grostein:

In my book I deal, for example, when my brother talked to my mother and me and said he was gay. If you say it was easy, it’s a lie, it wasn’t easy. I’m proud of my brother, what he represents, his activism. Taught me so much.”