Luisa Sonza on sex life: ‘If they knew, they wouldn’t believe it’

Luisa Sonza has received many compliments due to his presentation on the program Prazer, Luisa, on the Multishow channel. Comfortably, the singer tells details of her experience in the profession and personal life.

Recently, Luisa spoke of her bisexuality and recalled when she assumed her desire for boys and girls.

“When I talked about my sexuality, I received many messages from girls who told stories very similar to mine. Today, I have to say: accept yourself, because this is the most liberating and incredible thing in the world”, she declared. It’s? They always think I’m a damn catcher, but that’s not true. If you knew how many men I’ve had sex with, you wouldn’t believe it.”

Currently, Luisa remains single. Luisa Sonza confirmed that your relationship with vitão came to an end on August 20th. The singer told Hugo Gloss that the attacks suffered by the former couple contributed to the break up.

“I didn’t want to break up, but I understand that it’s difficult for any relationship to maintain itself amidst the pressure and attack we’ve been experiencing in recent times. All of this hurts me in a way you can’t even imagine, but I want the good of him even if it has to be far from me,” she said.

The artist even called for people to stop spreading hate on the web.

“I need you to understand how much you affect people’s personal lives and how much you can destroy their mental health and their lives,” he concluded.

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Vitão also spoke of the ending: “I grew up a lot with Luísa, I’m a different man nowadays. Everything we’ve been through has forced us to be strong, even though we don’t have the strength to do so in many moments. We serve as an example for Brazil of how intolerance, ignorance and hatred based on lies can be harmful in someone’s life”, he began, in an interview with Hugo Gloss.

“We live a very strong and remarkable story in my life, I can only be grateful for everything we felt and learned together. I ask that from now on they start to see us more as human beings and less as inflatable entertainment puppets without free will and freedom. More respect and unity for all of us. Luísa and I continue to love and respect each other, just as we want the rest to do with us”, he concluded.

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Even after asking for more empathy on social media after going through a series of turbulent moments that ended up contributing to the end of his relationship with vitão, Luisa Sonza he is far from having a little peace when it comes to his personal life. After confirming the end of her relationship with the singer, some rumors that the singer would make a video with her ex-husband, Whindersson Nunes, started circulating on the web.

the columnist Erlan bass indicated that the gaucha and the comedian would have started a new project together in music to pass a message to fans for the end of hatred on social media. According to him, in addition to the production of a new song, the publication “would basically be a request for forgiveness and a warning of how negative comments on the internet can be dangerous.”

With the repercussion on social networks, Luísa Sonza wasted no time and, without mincing words, commented on the false information. “There are journalists who are psychic, right? The source is: voices from the head”, she needled. In the comments, followers of the singer also needled the journalist. “And the people still give credibility,” pointed out Pocah. “Luisa, this guy doesn’t wake up, he just invents and still thinks he’s a journalist,” said another. “Source: the angel’s voice,” nudged a third.


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