Luiz Bacci appears on the web with Mc Kevin’s widow and uses the catchphrase: ‘Forget it’

the journalist Luiz Bacci caused an uproar among his Instagram followers this weekend by sharing a photo in which he appeared in a cap, alongside the widow of MC Kevin, Deolane Calf.

In the caption, Bacci still used Kevin’s catchphrase: “Forget it”.

In the comments it had it all! Questioning if the two made up, after exchanging barbs on the internet, months ago, others wanted to know if the meeting was for a special report and even had someone ship them both!

Bacci has been covering MC Kevin’s case since the beginning. The funkeiro died when he fell off the balcony of a hotel in Rio de Janeiro, three months ago.


On the afternoon of August 9, Deolane Calf, widow of MC Kevin, decided to take the day off to do some shopping. However, what caught our attention was the amount spent by the criminal lawyer: R$45 thousand reais! Bezerra spent everything at the “Tatuapé Conceito” store in São Paulo.

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And whoever thinks that the amount was paid by credit card is wrong. The lawyer insisted on paying for everything in cash, pulling out a huge wad of bills from her pocket. In her Instagram stories, Deolane asked fans and followers for help in choosing between clothing and sneaker models.

In the end, Deolane left the store with several bags of sets, blouses, sneakers and pants, all branded. On social networks, the subject had repercussions and divided opinions: while some internet users declared that they wanted to one day be able to do the same, others claimed it was “futility” to spend so much on clothes. “If she spent so much it’s because she worked and today she can, because she deserved it!”, commented a follower.

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