Luiz Bacci becomes a friend of MC Kevin’s widow and has an apartment party · TV News

Luiz Bacci and Deolane Bezerra, widow of MC Kevin (1998-2021), became friends after the funkeiro’s death. The Cidade Alerta presenter and the lawyer held a meeting with two other women in an apartment on Saturday night (28). Records were shared on social networks.

The journalist shared a photo with the lawyer on Instagram and wrote “forget”, a word often used by MC Kevin. In Stories published by Deolane, Bacci appears preparing drinks, singing and talking with the other two friends present at the place.

“Look at me and my best friend! And what about this friendship?”, joked Deolane on the recordings. The relationship between Bacci and the singer’s widow has gone through ups and downs. The two even exchanged barbs after Cidade Alerta reported that a man who would be the lawyer’s boyfriend had been arrested.

Shortly thereafter, the journalist defended Deolane. “I have my differences with Deolane, but I am in favor of her going through life. She has to be happy”, declared the Record employee.

Kevin Nascimento, better known as MC Kevin, died in May this year, aged 23, after falling from the fifth floor of a hotel in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro.

Before meeting at the apartment, Bacci and Deolane had already appeared together. Earlier this month, the lawyer had shared a video with the journalist.

“When the dog doesn’t come, the secretary sends,” joked the influencer. “You are prettier in person,” he praised. “I told you not to speak ill of me. Don’t ever speak ill of me again on national television, okay?”, asked the widow. “Are you my friend now?” countered the presenter. The two embraced. See the video that shows this meeting:

Check out the photo shared by Bacci and a video of the two on Saturday night: