Luxury cars, Cuban cigars and R$38 billion: Fantastic reveals details of investigation of illegal bitcoin scam | Fantastic

The Fantastic reveals details of the investigation that led to the jail Glaidson Acácio dos Santos, the man appointed by the Federal Police as the head of a criminal organization that handled more than R$38 billion.

According to researchers, Glaidson was ahead of a company that promised, in contract, 10% return per month to anyone who wanted to invest in bitcoins, in a clandestine financial scheme that attracted thousands of investors from all over Brazil.

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In just one week, R$ 14 million in cash, 21 luxury cars, jewelry, Cuban cigars, designer clothes, perfumes and expensive drinks were seized.

Until 2014, Glaidson earned just over R$800 working in a restaurant in Búzios. But as of 2015, the scheme had a turnover of more than R$38 billion – and, in the last 12 months, almost R$17 billion were in operations linked to the company of which he is managing partner.

After the amount guaranteed in the contract drew the attention of the authorities, two telephone interceptions, with conversations made after two stories by Fantástico, the PF and the Federal Public Ministry asked for Glaidson’s arrest. See all the details in the video report above.

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