Man who wanted to end ‘Covid tyranny’ dies of coronavirus

Protester speaking against Covid with a microphone in his hand
He died from Covid, even though he didn’t believe in the disease

Caleb Wallace, American and leader of the Texas anti-mask movement in the US, died of Covid. He spent three weeks in UTi and didn’t make it yesterday (28), at 30 years old. Who confirmed the protester’s death was the New York Times, which spoke to his wife.

The man became famous after standing up against masks and all restrictions against covid-9. On his social media page, his wife, Jessica Wallace, talked about her husband’s death. “Caleb passed away peacefully. He will live forever in our hearts and minds.”

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Protester died from Covid

The day before, she had already said that her husband would not last long because his condition was serious. He was hospitalized on July 30 and has only gotten worse since then. The man died leaving three children.

The man is the founder of the San Angelo Freedom Defenders group, responsible for a demonstration. In the group’s view, the event would end the ‘tyranny of covid-19’. In the same month he was hospitalized, he even organized a demonstration. “They believed the coronavirus was a hoax and felt the government was being too heavy-handed when it came to masks,” San Angelo Mayor Brenda Gunter told the New York Times.