Marcos Mion gets a new attraction on Globo because of his sensational attitude on the internet

Marcos Mion
Globo prepares new framework for Caldeirão (Image: Playback / Instagram)

the enthusiasm of Marcos Mion on the day he was announced as Globo’s new hire, he yielded an unprecedented picture for the cauldron. The presenter realized his biggest dream and signed with the Marinho channel at the beginning of the month.

With Mom, Tô Na Globo!, the public got a rare chance: special appearances in the new afternoon program. The person chosen by Globo’s production team will be presented with a personalized badge. The information is from journalist Cristina Padiglione, from F5.

Marcos Mion recorded the first Caldeirão last Thursday (26), and was welcomed by the entire team at the attraction, including Boninho. He presented Plim Plim’s new darling with a bouquet of flowers and a letter.

About the new phase of the Caldeirão, he warned: “What I can guarantee is joy, high spirits, laughter, rhythm, fun, a bit of craziness and happiness that goes well on a Saturday afternoon”.

Globo also closed a new picture, Sobe o Som, with the special participation of Lúcio Mauro Filho as the singer of the attraction’s band. The actor faced Covid-19 last year and received an invitation to the project almost a year later.

At the time of the contagion, he was prepared for the recordings of the Escolinha do Professor Raimundo – Nova Geração. “We were about to start the Escolinha recordings, under a protocol that had been meticulously prepared by Globo”, he explained.

“The PCR was scheduled to be done at my house. The night before I did the online reading of the second season of Diario de Um Confinado. At the end of the meeting, I closed the computer and went downstairs to tell the family how it had gone. An absurd cold hit me”, reported.

“I went into the bedroom to get a coat and suddenly it wasn’t cold anymore, it was shivering. In 30 minutes I had 38 fever. Another hour and I no longer smelled, I lacked air and I was sure I was contaminated. The family got scared and I already asked Cíntia to go to sleep with the children. I spent that morning alone in the room without being able to sleep”, said.

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