Marina Ruy Barbosa is criticized after a video of redhead representation

Marina Ruy Barbosa was criticized today on social media after sharing a video where two children with red hair appear looking at her picture. In the caption, the following sentence: “Then they say that representation is not important”.

Even not being the author of the caption and photo, the actress divided opinions when reposting it.

“Is it cool for the little redheaded girl to see someone else with the same hair color as her? Yes, it’s really cool. Is it representative? No, because it’s not as if redheads were purposely not represented by society’s prejudice as blacks, LGBTs and PwDs “, wrote an Internet user.

Marina used Twitter to counter the criticism:

Are you really problematizing a story that I just reposted with child fans? Guys, for love right. So many more important things for you to worry about.

Many fans agreed with the actress’ position, but other netizens continued to criticize Marina in the comments on the post.