Marquinhos Santos praises Juventude team and regrets draw with São Paulo: “We left frustrated” | youth

Juventude, once again, managed to play an equal game against a superior opponent in the Brazilian Championship. This Sunday, at the Alfredo Jaconi Stadium, Alviverde faced São Paulo and was tied 1-1, with a controversial penalty set for the visitors.

Despite all the difficulties experienced throughout the game, coach Marquinhos Santos believes that the club could have come out with a more positive result, that is, a victory.

– We showed, once again, on the field, that we don’t owe anything to any team. And we managed to develop a balanced game. In the first half, we were more incisive and could have opened the scoring. In the second half, São Paulo came back better and had more control of the game. We left frustrated as we created opportunities and sought the three points. In my point of view, I think we could have come out with the victory – evaluated the team commander from Caxias do Sul.

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Marquinhos Santos, Youth coach — Photo: Fernando Alves/EC Youth

In the search for more defensive consistency, Juventude modified its scheme to face São Paulo. By option of coach Marquinhos, the 3-5-2 was chosen, even to spread the rival’s game model. With that, the Colombian defender Quintero made his debut in the Alviverde shirt. And William Matheus and Michel Macedo gained more freedom to attack.

According to the coach, the choice was precisely to provide more difficulties for the team led by Hernan Crespo:

– It was precisely within the strategy of tactical mirroring of São Paulo. Knowing that even being the tactical system the same as Fortaleza, but a game model that is different. Individually and technically their team has a lot of quality. So, we tried to approach a mirroring with Wagner floating from the end to the middle. And when I found it necessary to go back to the usual system, we returned, without any problem.

In the final stretch of the match, the referee scored Marcelo Carné’s penalty on Igor Gomes, in a move, at least, debatable. Without consulting the VAR, the absence was confirmed, which generated a lot of indignation for everyone on the technical committee and the direction of Juventude. According to them, the team from Caxias do Sul was, again, harmed by refereeing.

– They open the scoreboard in an extremely dubious move, from my angle of view. I believe that seeing from my diagonal, I see that Marcelo Carné would not have committed the penalty, and Igor already arrives with his knees bent. And, once again, we suffer from arbitration and VAR. From that point on, we had a lot of mental strength to go after the draw result – commented Marquinhos.

At 36 min of the 2nd half - penalty by Marcelo Carné, from Juventude, in Igor Gomes, from São Paulo

At 36 min of the 2nd half – penalty by Marcelo Carné, from Juventude, in Igor Gomes, from São Paulo

Even with just a few minutes to go, the team from Rio Grande do Sul did not give up in the game after Reinaldo’s goal, in the penalty kick. Desperate for the draw, the commander of Juve made two changes and piled up four attackers. In the additional time, the courage resulted in an equalization of the marker with Ricardo Bueno.

– Even against the São Paulo team, we didn’t chicken out and ended the game with practically four attackers. Two extremes, Bueno and Roberson alternating in the center of the attack. Besides Chico, so we ended up with almost five strikers. It is a feature that games, at some point, ask for and we are working and reading it correctly to make the decisions – concluded Marquinhos.

With the tie, Juventude remained in 13th place with 21 points added. In the middle of the week, in a late match, Alviverde will face Fluminense, on Thursday, in Rio de Janeiro.