Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Creative Director of ‘Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy‘, Jean-François Dugas gave an interview to VG247‎‎ and explained why Star-Lord is the only playable character. Many fans would like to explore the skills of the full team.

‎”We wanted the players to be at the center of the team dynamic. Some of the top questions in development were, ‘What if the players are one of the Guardians? What if we put them in the shoes of the leader, and let them make the big decisions? What if players need to adapt to the group’s unexpected behaviors?’ “‎


‎”Embracing the fantasy of being the leader of this bunch of misfits allowed us to present our concept of choice and consequences. You will have to make decisions that will affect the adventure. Being Star-Lord is really engaging and immersive. It was the best way for us to tell a true story of the Guardians. It was recognized as a bold move by many people, but for our team, it’s an exciting concept to pursue.”

It’s a single-player experience, with a script written by Dan Abnett.

Abnett, incidentally, is a well-known contributor to Marvel, having written multiple comics of Guardians of the Galaxy, Punisher, Loki, New Mutants and others.

The launch is scheduled for October 26 this year, with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC versions confirmed.