Menon: Corinthians will never “cruise”, Willian is the proof – 08/30/2021

The fact: Cruzeiro, one of the greats of Brazilian football, suffered a continuous process of rape that led to a drop in status. Today, it is the third team in Minas Gerais and there is no indication that it will return to Serie A in a short time.

Consequence of the fact: the other big clubs need to look with fear at what happened and be careful not to suffer what Cruzeiro went through.

This is not the case with Corinthians. It’s shameful not to deposit FGTS, it’s inhumane duty for base kids, it’s indecent not to have money in the account, there’s a huge debt, but no, Corinthians won’t be a new Cruzeiro. It won’t “cruise”.

It is necessary to take an unsympathetic opinion. Here it goes: Corinthians will not “cruise” because it is bigger than Cruzeiro. It has a much bigger crowd, it has bigger sponsorship, it has bigger assets, it is bigger.

And another thing: Corinthians has been badly managed lately, but as bad as Andrés Sanchez has been, he didn’t take advantage of Corinthians, he didn’t prey on Corinthians.

And Corinthians, with all their financial problems, proved their greatness by refusing the bitter syrup taken by Flamengo. There are no equal solutions for different clubs.

If Flamengo opted to cut expenses, cut the meat for now – boosted by more than 100 million euros collected from the sale of players like Vinicius Jr, Paquetá, Reinier and others – Corinthians opted for a great trick.

Bet on payroll reduction and also hiring expensive players: Giuliano, Renato Augusto, Roger Guedes and Willian, the icing on the cake, the jewel in the crown.

For many, Willian is a “crossing over” danger, for me it’s the other way around. Anyone who is bold in the crisis to invest in a star with identification with the fans and the technical qualification of the cast is saying that he is big, he is bold and that he dreams big.

Corinthians refused the market booklet and bet on investment and boldness.

Giant club thing.

Club that does not “cruise”.