Military man arrested for aggression and chaos on boarding

A US military officer was arrested on Friday night (27) after trying to assault employees at Miami International Airport, in Florida, with pedestals used to form boarding lines, in addition to offending people and employees.

Videos taken by airport users show the angry military man standing near the airport’s departure gate. According to police, the protagonist of the images is a veteran who has not revealed his identity.

Witnesses told Local 10 that the man appeared to be intoxicated and had an intense argument with his companion minutes before he lost control after being denied boarding by American Airlines due to his behavior.

In the images, the military man shouts at the employees, threatens to strike them and throws pedestals. Then, when it looked like he was going to calm down, he comes back and throws a punch at the employee, but ends up falling to the ground.

In a press release, police said the man was taken into custody and will also undergo an examination at a clinic for his “outbreak”.

American Airlines thanked the airport employees for their support and said it does not tolerate any type of violence against staff members, according to Local 10.