Missing couple in Angra: rough sea prevents removal of found body | Last Second

Cristiane and Leonardo have been missing since Sunday (22)

Cristiane and Leonardo have been missing since Sunday (22)

The body found this Sunday morning (29) in the Restinga de Marambaia will not be removed today. The rough sea and heavy rain that spread throughout the afternoon in the region prevented the Fire Department from reaching the site. The Civil Police is investigating whether the body could be one of the occupants of the boat where the couple Cristiane Nogueira da Silva, 48, and Leonardo Machado de Andrade, 50, were missing in Angra dos Reis since last Sunday (22).

Throughout the day, agents of the 166th PD (Angra dos Reis) took steps in an attempt to identify the body. Cristiane’s son, Guilherme Brito also tried to arrive in Marambaia this Sunday afternoon, but was prevented by the rough sea.

“I tried to go to Marambaia, but it’s raining a lot. We came back because it was dangerous. Nobody wanted to take me by helicopter because of the weather. My hope is that they (the couple) will help each other out of where they can be. I have a lot of faith. hoping that the weather will improve”, commented the boy, who intends to arrive on the scene this Monday, either by boat or by helicopter.

He doesn’t believe that Marambaia’s body is connected with the couple’s disappearance. One of the points that caught his attention was the fact that the person was wearing boots.

“As far as I know, he (Leonardo) was wearing shorts and low shoes. My mother, on the other hand, nobody knows for sure how she was dressed,” said Guilherme.

This Sunday, the family used social media to ask for information about Cristiane and Leonardo. On his Instagram profile, Guilherme provided some phones for those who could help the police.

“Those who have information that can help the police can call 185, number for maritime emergencies and requests for assistance, (24) 3365-3355, directly with the police station in Angra dos Reis, or send an email to [email protected]”.

It is also possible to pass information through Disque-Denúncia, by calling 0300-253-1177, or by the Disque-Denúncia RJ application. Anonymity is guaranteed.