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Christina and Fernanda, mother and daughter, have teamed up to launch a brand of pajamas and children’s sleeping bags.

It was the daughter who came up with the idea for the business, and the mother who invested the money. The venture arose when Fernanda left her old job to go on her own journey as a businesswoman.

“I needed an investor and I invited my mother to join me. It’s been two years since we’ve been running the brand together,” says Fernanda D’Imperio Di Ricco

The initial investment was R$ 200 thousand. On average, the company earns R$ 80,000 per month – 70% of sales come from sleeping bags and 30% from pajamas.

“Our main audience ranges from zero to 10 years, but we have sleeping bags for up to six years. And it’s our forte,” says Christina D’Imperio Di Ricco

The business started at home. The sale and promotion depended on fairs and bazaars.

“With the pandemic, everyone started working from home. The rooms we left for the brand needed to be used for other things. And we had to take a step and rent the showroom,” says Christina.

The businesswomen say that, now, with e-commerce, they sell the product throughout Brazil because the bags are made with fabrics of different thicknesses.

“Our pajamas start at R$149, and our sleeping bags at R$179. This year we also went into wholesale. We were very happy”, says Fernanda. “We became professional, so several stores throughout Brazil already have our products.”

“Our plans are to remain very strong on the internet and be present in multibrands throughout Brazil”, says the businesswoman.

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Telephone: (11) 99614-9188
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