MPT requests immediate removal of Sérgio Camargo and compensation of R$ 200 thousand

An action by the Public Ministry of Labor (MPT) calls for the immediate removal of Sérgio Camargo, president of the Palmares Foundation, for moral harassment, ideological persecution and discrimination.

The lawsuit also asks for compensation of R$ 200 thousand for moral damages.

The complaint came from 16 servers and former employees and reveals a routine of humiliation and psychological terror. The action was filed on Friday (27). The program Fantástico, on Rede Globo, had access to the 16 testimonies and made a long report on the subject.

According to the testimonies, Camargo related people with “high hair” – a reference to black power hair – to rogues and bandits.

Officials also reported that the organization’s president pursues those who consider them to be “leftists”. Camargo claimed that it was necessary to “hunt the leftists” and called a former director of the foundation a “right-asshole” for refusing to fire a leftist worker.

Paulo Neto, prosecutor of the Federal District MPT, explained to Fantástico that the investigation began in March of this year, after several accusations made to the ideological persecution body.

“The moral harassment practiced by Mr. Sérgio Camargo contaminated the entire work environment, as it created a climate of psychological terror within the Palmares Foundation”, revealed Paulo Neto, attorney for the Federal District MPT, to Fantástico.

The prosecutor also said that “there are reports of workers who developed panic syndrome, who had anxiety, who asked to leave the Foundation, civil servants, due to the degraded climate and due to the discrimination practiced.”

Fantástico questioned Camargo about the case, but got no answer. He, however, wrote on his Twitter account that the questions asked by the report are defamatory and slanderous.

“Fantastic is preparing criminal material to attack me. All the questions he sent to the head of Communications at Palmares are slanderous and defamatory,” he wrote on Saturday (28).

With information from G1