My Latin blood! Ney Matogrosso posted picture of his penis by accident

Ney Matogrosso caused a real stir on the web this Sunday (29/8). The 80-year-old singer accidentally posted a photo of an erect penis on his Instagram that was supposed to be his, and deleted it minutes later. But it was already too late.

The image does not show the singer’s face, it just showed from his navel down, with his member erect and his pants down. He was lying on a bed.


The subject quickly became a Trending Topic on Twitter, and netizens had fun with the Sangu Latino singer’s faux pas.

“The goal now is to reach 80 like Ney Matogrosso”, wrote Caiuscio. “It was supposed to be a common Sunday, until a nude by Ney Matogrosso was on my timeline”, commented the user identified as Babi. “It’s not just the bushes that are thick, isn’t it Ney Matogrosso?”, joked William De Lucca.