Nadja Pessoa discloses the whole truth about Ilha Record on social media: “Do you agree with that?”

Nadja Pessoa does not speak out on Ilha Record (Image: Reproduction / Record)

Nadja person was one of the participants confined in the Island Record, which continues to be broadcast on TV, although the recordings have already come to an end.

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Because of this, the blonde makes a point of following with the public the showing of all episodes and has been sincere in the comments she makes on Twitter.

In one of them, the famous one vented about the scene in which Antonela Avellaneda arrives at the Cave of Exile after being eliminated and is ignored by the others.

Pyong Lee, meanwhile, emerged crying at the official headquarters, and Nadja revolted by the situation, questioning: “Do you agree with that?”

“Nobody deserves to go through such pressure. Then they want to talk about foul play, lack of empathy and other things”, defended yet.

In the comments, fans shared opinions and each defended their favorite team. Days earlier, Nadja Pessoa had leaked confidential information about the program.

On the same social network, she insinuated that Any Borges is one of the finalists.

It all started when an internet user said that the ex-participant of Vacations With the Ex will be in the final for being part of Sabrina Sato’s company, Sato Rahal Empreendimentos Artísticos:

“We already have the answer to why Any’s plant reached the final of Ilha even being a dead fly in the game, and also why they always help the losers from Exile in the dynamics. Anye [Lucas] Selfies are managed by Sabrina’s company”.

Nadja Pessoa didn’t say a word, but ended up enjoying the publication, apparently unintentionally, and the attitude ended up being taken as confirmation.

The grand finale of the program will be on September 10th.

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