Netflix series with lots of sex to watch after Sex/Life

Netflix bets more and more on erotic content. Sex/Life is the addition to the catalog that once again caters to fans of movies like 50 Shades of Gray. For those who have already finished the series, the platform also has other productions for these viewers to follow.

Even though it’s hot, Sex/Life still has series that bring the same elements. Hot scenes join other dramas and even suspense.

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Check out the most erotic series on Netflix to watch after Sex/Life.


Bridgerton follows the family history of the title in the 1800s. The drama focuses on her characters, the rules of the time and their loves.

Between the story, hot scenes are seen by fans. One of Bridgerton’s highlights is the couple Simon and Daphne. Inside four walls, Bridgerton is as hot as Sex/Life.

Who Killed Sara?

With two seasons, Who Killed Sara? enters the list for fans who also like suspense. Hot scenes abound in the show, while the title question seeks to be answered on Netflix.

The plot follows Alex, arrested on a false charge that he killed his sister. The character will do anything to discover the truth.

The anthological comedy series doesn’t just seek to understand modern love on Netflix. She is also one of the hottest. Each episode follows a couple in a complicated relationship involving love, technology and sex.


Sex/Life accompanies Billie, a woman who leads a simple life, with a husband and children. Just like in 50 Shades of Grey, the Netflix series seeks to turn the life of this easy-to-identify character into life.

While trying to spice up the marriage, Billie will not be able to disconnect from the past. Everything is shown with a lot of sex in the plot.

dark desire

The Mexican series brings the story of Alma. Married, she decides to spend a weekend away from home to live a passion. The decision leads to tragedy.

The suspense is full of hot scenes. This factor drew so much attention on Netflix that comparisons with 365 DNI (365 Days) were raised.

The Price of Perfection

Based on the book by Michael MacLennan, The Price of Perfection follows the lies and betrayals of a ballet school. The story is focused on a dancer called to replace the best student in the place. In the midst of all drama, very hot scenes come to the fore.


For the first three seasons on Netflix, Elite would not make the list. But, due to the fourth year, the series becomes essential for those who like a hot story. The Spanish production shocked fans with the erotic content in the new episodes, even putting itself as one of the “heavier” materials on the platform.

Season four follows the Las Encinas school with a new direction and new students. Their differences lead to a new mystery for Elite youth.

Sex/Life and the above series can be seen on Netflix.