Neto compares Duilio to PSG owner after Corinthians signings

The arrivals of Renato Augusto, Giuliano, Róger Guedes and Willian – who hasn’t signed yet – to Corinthians cheered TV Band presenter Neto. The former player praised the work of the club president, Duílio Monteiro Alves, and joked with the manager, comparing him to the owner of PSG, who was also very active in the European transfer window, signing players like Messi, Sergio Ramos, Hakimi , Wijnaldum and Donnarumma.

“Oh, Duílio, you’re awesome. It’s not possible! You look like Florentino Pérez, the owner of PSG. And another thing, the Brazilian press, the journalists [perguntam]: ‘Where is the money from?’ What’s the problem? Do you know where Fluminense’s, Vasco’s, Inter’s, São Paulo’s, Palmeiras’ money comes from? Why are you worried about Corinthians’ money?” said Neto, at Os Donos da Bola, today.

“Corinthians hired Willian, Roger Guedes, Giuliano – and, by the way, they hired very well -, Renato Augusto… You are scared! When the sheet [salarial] decreased – and decreased R$ 5 million -, it’s much better to give R$ 5 million to these guys, than to give R$ 1 million to Luan, to Lucas Lima, R$ 500 thousand to Cazares, R$ 800 thousand for Jemerson, R$ 400 thousand for ‘Sidbacon’. Congratulations, Duílio!” he continued.

Neto pondered that the Corinthians president’s strategy may even prove to be wrong in the future, but he opined that it seems like a hit, since the club needs to find alternative ways to raise money while it still can’t count on the Neo Química Arena box office values, for covid-19 pandemic account.

“Maybe, in the long run, this will be harmful, but what you’re doing is much more important than what Andrés did. He hired 120 players, all the rats, little player. And you were the director. Maybe, now as president, that you ‘have the pen’, you are doing the right thing. And you are!” declared Neto.

“How am I going to raise money if I don’t have fans because of covid-19? Looking for titles, classification in Libertadores. Never, two, three months ago, would we say that Corinthians would fight for anything other than relegation. Now, going to Libertadores, how much money does the club earn? And if it has fans, in the stadium, winning a game? The game against Juventude, if it had fans and there were 100 thousand people in the Corinthians stadium, it was full. excited,” added the presenter.

vacancy at Libertadores

Neto also projected that with the team that Corinthians should fight for a direct spot in the group stage of the Copa Libertadores with the team he is forming.

“What’s more, Corinthians has 27 points, it could go to 30. I didn’t believe Corinthians would play well like this. […] Now, with the team that Corinthians built… Flamengo, Palmeiras, Atlético-MG can be prepared, because Corinthians is coming. He won’t be champion, but he’ll make it among the four. Go pay? I do not know. I’m not financial. I just know that they hired and hired a lot,” he concluded.