Ney Franco can’t resist losing streak and leaves CSA command

The Ney Franco era at CSA has come to an end. After the second consecutive defeat, the coach entered into an agreement with the direction and left the technical command in this second (30). The setback and poor performance against Sampaio Corrêa, on Saturday (28), marked the last chapter of the coach with the blue shirt.

In contact with the Gazetaweb, the president of the club, Rafael Tenório, explained that, by mutual agreement, the parties decided not to continue the work of Ney Franco. Tenório also confirmed that, on an interim basis, Adriano Rodrigues will lead the team.

At the edge of the field, Ney Franco led the team in 12 games. There were five wins, two draws and five defeats, with 47.2% of success. When he was hired, the coach’s experience was treated as a key part in the fight to rise, but his performance on the field was not considered satisfactory by the parties.

Now, the board returns to the coaching market. As the departure of the coach was in common agreement with the board, the CSA will be able to hire a new coach, even with the new CBF limit of two coaches per season. In addition to Ney Franco, Azulão had Bruno Pivetti in this edition of Série B.

With Adriano Rodrigues in charge, Azulão returns to the field next Friday (3), at 21:30, to face Vila Nova, in King Pelé. CSA is 11th in the table, with 28 points conquered at the end of the 21st round.

Check out the club’s official note:

The board of the Centro Sportivo Alagoano informs that Ney Franco is no longer the team’s coach. The decision between the professional and the CSA was taken by mutual agreement, this Monday (30). The Maior of Alagoas wishes the coach luck in the future of his career.