Ney Matogrosso posts a picture of his penis on Instagram and deletes

Bilau is in fashion. Matogrosso made a mistake on social media this Sunday (29). Or posted it by accident.


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Ney posts his penis on Instagram by accident

The artist has posted a photo of your penis, or someone else’s, on your instagram timeline. The image stayed a few minutes that afternoon.

Then it was taken down.

See below what happened.

Some people have noticed the faux pas on Twitter.

Merval and his Sunday column

The columnist and immortal for Globo shows that he has not surpassed former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and decided to write about his thighs in this Sunday’s column (29).

“A photo of ex-president Lula with his fiancée Janja, in the moonlight on Pico beach in Ceará, hit social media. A usual procedure of Instagram users – or Urges, in their intimacy –, to publish their happy moments, has become a political phenomenon. Lula’s healed thighs have become an object of desire for men, and especially for women”.

And complete, inconsolable:

“Each of them, Bolsonaro and Lula, returning to the government, will feel strengthened by the popular vote and will double their bet. We will have a lot more of the same. According to current opinion polls, Lula is closer to returning to the Planalto Palace than Bolsonaro, who is closer to prison, a possibility that he himself suggested yesterday, where Lula was once. Meanwhile, Diogenes, with his lamp, continues looking for ‘an honest man’. In Brazil, a third way is being sought”.