Ney Matogrosso’s account posts nudes and fans are in an uproar. Check out! | celebrities

Ney MatogrossoInternet Playback

Posted 29/08/2021 15:58 | Updated 08/29/2021 4:03 PM

Rio – Icon of Brazilian music, Ney Matogrosso became the subject this Sunday, but the reason, this time, was not his work. On his official Instagram account, he posted a picture of a penis, of a ‘nudes’, which appears to be the artist.

Despite being on the air for a few minutes, the time was enough for fans to print the image, which is already circulating on the internet, and speculate about what really happened. Many believe the 80-year-old artist was mistaken in posting the photo of the sex organ on the networks, while others believe Ney’s account was hacked.

By January 2020, however, something similar had already happened. Also on Ney Matogrosso’s profile, a picture of a penis was posted with the caption ‘It’s mine’. Just like this Sunday, the photo was deleted minutes later.

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