Note by Rebeca Andrade generates revolt in the public

The performances of “Super Dance of the Famous”, this Sunday, August 29, they were worthy of a grand final and left the judges with almost no option but to give a 10 to everyone. Almost! Rebecca Andrade, our Olympic medalist in artistic gymnastics, was delighted with Dandar Mariana, in the first performance of Valsa and, when it was time to give his grade, he got a 9.9. And it was a general surprise, as neither the Technical Jury, formed by Carlinhos de Jesus and Claudia Mota, it gave less than 10.

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Dandara was not upset, on the contrary, praised the judge for her performance in Tokyo and the representation she brought for her prominence in the games.

James Leifert he joked with the gymnast about taking a chip off the actress’ grade, who justified herself: “I was strict, right, guys? At one point she went down and stuffed her foot. I saw it, guys!”

And this was the only note that was different from 10 in all the other performances that followed. Rebeca herself also gave top marks to everyone, perhaps regretting the rigidity of the beginning. However, this clinical eye of the athlete did not fall in the liking of many people, who attributed the participant’s defeat to this lost tenth. In time: Dandara finished third, 3 tenths off the champion Paolla Oliveira, that is, nothing would change if the 10. But the internet does not forgive, nor a gold medalist.

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“Rebeca Andrade giving 9.9 to Dandara”

“If I were Rebeca Andrade I would give 9.9 to everyone now just to be less ugly. While black, the rule is obvious: in any TV competition, let’s give 10 to any black regardless of whether he is good or bad”

“Bitch Rebeca Andrade gave 9.9 fair to Dandara”

“Rebeca Andrade making the whole country hate her hahaha”

“Rebeca Andrade’s justification for giving 9.9 to Dandara: “It stuffed her foot”. Marmiminaa…

“My face seeing Rebeca Andrade giving 9.9 to Dandara, and even the technical jury gave 10”


But it wasn’t just attacks on Rebeca’s side. Many people found the criticism leveled against the gymnast, who acted with the rigidity of her sport, which are also decided in thousandths of notes, too heavy.

“So complaining that Rebeca Andrade gave 9.9 to Dandara. It’s her grade my people, that’s what she thinks, do you think everyone thinks and see how you do? Mercy, a crowd cursing the girl for nothing”

“Rebeca Andrade saw a wrong foot on the way down from Dandara. For us, you can see how difficult it is to evaluate Artistic Gymnastics. For me everything was perfect, but when it showed the replay it really had the flaw.”

“Rebeca Andrade was invited to be JURY at #SuperDancaDosFamosos but the tweeter decided that she cannot give the grade that, before HER judgment, it is appropriate”

“Brother if Rebeca Andrade had given 10 to Dandara Mariana she wouldn’t even have a chance to win because the audience hates her since 2019”

“Rebeca Andrade’s pacová are filling up because of the famous dancing………unbelievable…”

“People hating Rebeca Andrade for giving Dandara a 9.9. First, she is the last person to deserve hate. Second, have you ever stopped to think that she was invited maybe not even aware of the weight of 0.10 points less? She saw a little mistake, she was embarrassed, it gave.”


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