On a social network, Andreas Pereira celebrates his debut for Flamengo and sends a message: ‘I want much more’

The victory over Santos 4-0 last Saturday, at Vila Belmiro, in a match valid for the 18th round of the Brasileirão, he marked the debut of Andreas Pereira fur Flamengo. The midfielder even scored closed the account and scored the last goal of the rubro-negra rout. Through social networks, he pointed out that he has waited the entire week for his debut, praised the new shirt number three and stated that he wants “much more”.

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– “Mengo mode”. I’ve been waiting for this moment all week! What an incredible moment it was to debut in Brasileirão wearing the Flamengo shirt! And what a nice shirt this is, isn’t it Nação?! And I want a lot more – published Flamengo’s new reinforcement for the season.

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It is worth mentioning that Andreas was only nine minutes on the field, but that was all it took to break the net. After a wrong pass by the defense, from Santos, the midfielder came face to face with João Paulo and hit the goalkeeper between the legs to score his first goal with the shirt of the Rio team.

The new addition to Flamengo is a childhood supporter of Santos. However, in an interview with Premiere channel, Andreas stressed that this is in the past and that, today, he is focused on defending Rubro-Negro, which, according to him, is the biggest club in America.

– It’s a thing of the past. I think these things we have to let go of now. I’m here to defend Flamengo, the biggest club in Brazil and America – he said.