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Many people immediately think of running a restaurant when they have the idea of ​​opening a small business. Or make cakes and snacks to order. Selling food is always considered profitable, no mistake. But good taste is not always a guarantee of success.

The world is full of restaurant owners who are passionate about what they do. But why is it that many do not make money, or, as the saying goes, sell at lunch to pay for dinner?

Matheus Lessa specializes in teaching management that he learned by doing. He kept an eye on how things worked in a cafeteria of a multinational that was next to his restaurant.

“I had a restaurant next to a store on the street, a very well-known restaurant in the hamburger part, and their managers always frequented my business”, he recalls. “And in these conversations I started to create a training school inside my own restaurant.”

And the online school grew. With an initial investment of R$ 100,000, the business became independent. Matheus started helping entrepreneurs in the food sector. The lesson was to improve product management, leadership, marketing and sales.

More than 6,000 students have already taken the course.

Owner of a cake factory in Diadema, in the ABC region, Joice Andrade de Sales Costa was one of the students on the course. She spent four years without earning money. It sold, but had no profit.

“The corn cake is our flagship. It’s the cake we sell the most. And I found out that I only earned 70 cents on it,” says Joice. “We managed to reduce costs and today I can earn R$4 per unit.”

After participating in Matheus’s course, Joice promoted a real change in its cake company. And she finally started to earn money.

“Today, we have inventory control. We know exactly how much wheat flour we use, for example, sugar, oil. And that gave us a lot of margin to be able to negotiate with our suppliers,” says Joice.

With the changes in stock and the reduction of waste in the kitchen, the businesswoman managed to spare R$3 to R$4,000 per month to invest in digital marketing.

“We learned how to select our audience. Today, for example, I know who I want to sell to,” he says.

Well-done marketing increased demand for Joice’s cakes by 25%. The businesswoman sought a bigger spot – twice the size. Today, she sells 300 cakes a day and has revenues of R$ 115,000 per month.

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