Operation banned five bars for promoting agglomerations amidst the pandemic in DF | Federal District

An operation by the Federal District Urban Order Protection Secretariat (DF Legal) closed five bars on Saturday night (28), for promoting agglomerations and not complying with sanitary protocols for protection against the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to the folder, the establishments were also fined. The addresses are in Asa Norte, Setor de Clubes Sul, EPTG, Gama and Núcleo Bandeirante.

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On Estrada Parque Taguatinga (EPTG), near Vicente Pires, a bar was banned for 30 days and fined R$10,000. According to DF Legal, about 500 people were at the site. The folder claims that, in the three previous nights, it had already applied fines and notifications against the establishment, which continued to disrespect the protocols.

In the South Club Sector, another bar received the same punishment for promoting crowds and shows in the midst of the pandemic. At Núcleo Bandeirante, an establishment allowed the approach of customers, most of them without masks. The fine was R$20,000 and the interdiction was 30 days.

Show in a bar in the Sector of Clubes Sul, in DF — Photo: DF Legal/Divulgação

In Gama, the agglomeration started at a bar and extended to the street. The establishment was fined R$ 18 thousand and banned. At Asa Norte, an event was inspected, which was closed preventively and will be evaluated again.

According to DF Legal, the operation was named after Bacchus – god of bohemian and party in Greek mythology – and “is a response to establishments that insist on not complying with the rules to combat Covid-19”.

The agency claims that in addition to uniformed inspectors, it works with civil servants. “The auditors and inspectors go to the locations and record all the movement, which later enters into reports. This avoids a tactic that has been recurrent in these establishments: asking customers to return to their places and put on their masks when they are warned of the approach of the DF Legal teams,” he explains.

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