Paolla Oliveira celebrates victory and gets emotional when highlighting overcoming difficulties in ‘Super Dança dos Famosos’: ‘I can only cry’ | Super Dance of the Famous

During the competition, Paolla always showed great strength and joy. But behind all this energy, there was always a lot of work, overcoming and dedication.

Leandro highlights how happy he is for the work he performed alongside Paolla. “I’m making a big dream come true. I participated in the second edition of Dança dos Famosos and my professional life changed from then on. When ‘Super Dance of the Famous’ came about, I really wanted to be here. I got an even bigger gift, which was meeting Paolla. There is no bigger prize. Because everything she does is with a lot of love. All the steps I was going to teach, I saw that she was with a lot of dedication and love. She charged herself too much. She wanted to go beyond all limits. This award is an achievement”, highlights the professor.

Paolla also explains the choice of the message that she brought in her final presentation to the rhythm of samba, with the message “Education for tomorrow”. “Our samba talked about what the morning will be, how it will be, answer whoever you can, more than who knows the answer, let’s do the answer, every day. That’s why we put Education. Education is everyday. In big and small things. We might not have the trophy, but our message was given there. We have to salute the things we believe in”, concludes the champion. Review how the presentation went:

On social networks, Paolla celebrated her victory alongside professor Leandro Azevedo.

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