Paolla Oliveira critica Bolsonaro no Twitter e recebe apoio de fãs

Paolla Oliveira used your social media this weekend to talk about policy. The actress published on Saturday (08/28) a criticism of the president Jair Bolsonaro (no party-RJ) when commenting on the cover of a newspaper, and that reverberates until this Monday (30).

In this case, it was the cover of the newspaper “Extra”, which highlighted the statement by the politician from Rio de Janeiro who stated that the person who does not want to buy a rifle instead of beans is, in his words, an “idiot”.

When reposting the cover, Paolla fired at Bolsonaro: “What kind of leadership is this that prefers to see the population armed than fed? In fact, we know very well what kind of leadership this is,” he wrote, using the hashtag #ForaBolsonaro next.

The comments were broadly favorable to Paolla’s comment, reflecting Bolsonaro’s currently low popularity. “How sad for a comment like that, we don’t have a president,” said one of them. “This is all a nightmare, which is taking a long time to end,” replied another. “This man needs to be arrested, urgently,” asked a third.

However, supporters of the current president, even in smaller numbers, took the opportunity to rebut the actress for her position. “Nothing to do, you need to find out more,” said one critic. “So beautiful, but so dumb,” offended another.