Paolla Oliveira sits on Diogo Nogueira’s lap and shakes the web

Sunday (29) was Paolla Oliveira. After earning the best marks from the judges and the public, the actress won the “Super Dance of the Famous” and celebrated the result alongside her boyfriend, Diogo Nogueira, whom he recently called a “hurricane”.

And it was enough Paolla appear sitting on the singer’s lap in a photo posted by Dadá Coelho, who was beside the couple, to stir up the internet. “The only institution that brings joy to Brazil: Paolla Oliveira and Diogo Nogueira“, joked the artist. “Lucky you who are in the middle of these two! The trisal I wanted,” joked a follower. “I’m already undressed to go,” joked Dadá. “I don’t know if I’m jealous of her for the trophy or for sitting on Diogo’s lap,” another follower said. “, opined one more.

Despite the victory, some viewers questioned the merits of Paolla Oliveira when claiming that Dandara Mariana was better in the presentations. An actress and dancer, Dandara was the only one to earn a grade below 10 in the show’s final. Despite this, the 9.9 given by gymnast Rebeca Andrade was not the only one responsible for leaving Dandara in third place. The artist also gained less points from the virtual audience and finished the competition two tenths below Paolla. Rodrigo Simas, for just one tenth, was in second place.

Paolla Oliveira has already won music by Diogo Nogueira

Admittedly a couple since July this year, Paolla Oliveira and Diogo Nogueira’s novel even has a special soundtrack, recorded by the singer. On her social network, the artist asked: “Can you imagine who just got a gift?”. And she filmed her boyfriend recording in the studio the song “Who is she?”, made in honor of the new relationship. “Who’s dying to listen completely and dance with us?”, he asked.

And then he delivered some excerpts from the romantic song: “A sunbeam has invaded my house, an angel without wings is she… The beauty and the beast…”. Soon after, with the audio already recorded, Diogo sings another bit of the song. “The prettiest one is her,” he says, pointing to the actress.

In a recent interview, Paolla Oliveira defined her romance with Diogo Nogueira: “I, who always tried to shield my relationships, suddenly found myself in this situation. But it’s okay, it’s light”, she said, about the fact that the relationship was exposed right away in beginning when they were spotted together by a fan. “The crowd of the audience surprised me,” he assumed. And he added: “If I can say anything, it’s that I’m lucky enough to get to know Diogo up close. He has a huge, powerful, powerful light.”