PC melts for Botafogo’s titleholder and doesn’t spare praise: “It’s corresponding in the field”

What a stage, Stove! Yesterday (28), the Alvinegro fan “sexed” with ease and saw the Botafogo win another victory in Serie B. Against Coritiba, leader of the competition and away from home, the team Enderson Moreira did not get down and, at the end of the first stage, Rafael Navarro (always him) scored the only goal of the match.

“We played a very positive game against a great team. We demonstrate a lot of maturity, we look for the result. It was very positive. We continue with the same thought. It was a battle, but the war continues. There is no relaxation whatsoever. The competition is the same, it’s difficult for anyone to isolate themselves. We need to work hard to keep ourselves”, said the coach, at a press conference.

During the program “Exchange of Passes”, of SportTV, the commentator Paulo Cesar Vasconcellos praised joel carli, who became holder with Enderson and has excelled in defense. The Argentine played a great game and, even though he was questioned on his return, he seems to have recovered his ideal form and is already unanimous.

Photo: Jorge Rodrigues/AGIF

Photo: Jorge Rodrigues/AGIF

“I would also like to highlight, within Botafogo’s recovery, the return of a player who in Serie B you need to have, in Serie A too, who identifies with the club. I’m talking about Carli. He had performance dominating Botafogo’s defensive line, in the first half he made a point of bringing the players together and everyone talking to the locker room”, he pointed out.

“It’s one of Coritiba’s secrets too, to have players with a history and identified in the club. This return of Carli and the signing as a starter with Enderson (Moreira) has been very beneficial. And he’s corresponding in the field, acting a lot, Kanu is safer beside him”, completed.