Pedro Scooby reveals marijuana use and explains why

Peter Scooby, surfer and ex-husband of Luana Piovani, used social networks last Sunday (29) to chat with followers. The famous revealed that he uses marijuana, saying he uses the oil of the plant, which contains cannabidiol (CBD).

Scooby said he uses the substance to sleep. Do you want to know about cannabis? I support its use, because I, for example, do not use it recreationally, I do not smoke, but I use it medicinally, I use the CBD to sleep,” explained the famous.

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Pedro Scooby reveals marijuana use and explains – (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/Stories)

Some time ago, Scooby denied that he provoked Luana Piovani, after his children with the actress appear with another hair color, similar to that of Cintia Dicker, the surfer’s girlfriend.

Use of marijuana in Brazil

In Brazil, marijuana is allowed for medicinal use, but not recreational. The substance is used for the treatment of some illnesses. Relief of stiffness and spasms is one of the many indications already attested.

Other diseases can also be treated with cannabis (marijuana) such as: chronic pain, insomnia, autism, epilepsy, depression and nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy, according to information published on the Saúde website, by Editora Abril.

What is marijuana?

Marijuana (Cannabis sativa) is a plant used throughout the world for medicinal and recreational purposes. Being considered the most used illicit drug on the planet, compared to others, it is second only to alcohol and cigarette consumption. The information is from the Mundo Educação website.